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An exclusive service for homes listed for $400,000+ offering total
privacy, less stress, more flexibility, and a 3.5% Total Commission.

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Benefits of a Private Listing

Latest Realty’s mission is to change the way you sell your home by empowering you to transact directly and privately. We listened to the problems and fears that high end homeowners experience when selling. We’ve addressed those issues and developed a completely private, flexible, less stressful, and cheaper way to sell your home.

Seller Benefits
  • Save a minimum $10,000 on commission
  • Property address not publicly disclosed
  • No signs to alert nosy neighbors or family
  • Pre-approval required for all showings
  • No last minute showings or open houses
  • Only your agent performs home showings
  • Sell on your timeline and decide your terms
  • Sell directly without outside agent influence
  • Buyer communication performed by agent
  • All paperwork is completed digitally online
  • Seller doesn’t need to be present at closing
  • Test the market without any repercussions
Buyer Benefits
  • Exclusive homes with limited competition
  • Flexibility in offer and purchasing timeline
  • Offer and closing is direct, fast, and easy
  • All paperwork is completed digitally online
  • Free offer and closing process assistance

How It Works

At Latest Realty, we strive to make make selling your property as simple as possible. Utilizing modern technology and partnering with the top companies in the industry, we’ve developed a system that allows you to sell your property without ever leaving your couch, from start to finish.

Step 1 – Schedule Consultation

Schedule a video consultation directly on our website. This initial consultation takes place through Zoom to discuss the process, your expectations, and answer any questions you have.

Step 2 – Pictures & Listing

We’ll compile all listing paperwork which you’ll sign digitally. We’ll then meet you at the home to take listing photos, discuss highlights, and develop a showing process.

Step 3 – Showings & Offers

The home will be stealthy marketed. Potential pre-approved buyers will request showings, view the home, and submit digital offers directly with the listing agent.

Step 4 – Accepted Offer

Once the seller accepts an offer, we’ll take care of the paperwork, guide the buyer and seller through the closing process, and order title work from the title company.

Step 5 – Closing

Once the we receive the clear to close, we’ll schedule the closing with the title company. The seller has the option of closing in person or we can set up a power of attorney for your agent to close for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that selling your property is a big deal and we want to answer all your questions to make sure you know what to expect and are 100% comfortable.

How Much Does It Cost?

Our exclusive service not only makes selling your home easier and less stressful, it saves sellers a minimum of $10,000 vs. a traditional sale with a 3.5% total commission.

With an average traditional commission at 6% on a $400,000 sale, you’d spend $24,000 to sell your home. With a Latest Realty Private listing, the same $400,000 sale and 3.5% commission would only cost you $14,000.

Are There Any Additional Fees?

There are no additional fees charged by Latest Realty, however, you will need to close the sale, transfer title, and provide a deed to the buyer. This is generally completed by a Title Company and includes Title Insurance. There are costs related to the closing itself, as well as Title Insurance. The cost of these items will vary from sale to sale, depending upon the purchase price of the property. The cost of an Owner’s Title Policy can be found here, while the cost of a closing can run anywhere from $200 to $500, depending upon the title company.

How Is This Service Different?

While our service doesn’t differ much from listing with a traditional agent, there are a few key differences.

1.  The main difference is in the way the home is marketed. With our focus on privacy, online information like the property address, in depth images, and seller information are not disseminated to the public, nor do we post for sale signs in the yard of the home. This accomplishes two goals, keeping the property exclusive to qualified buyers, as well as keeping the property private as to not alert the general public who may try to visit the property without authorization, outside agents contacting the homeowner, or being open to real estate or mortgage scams.

2. Only your agent will accompany potential buyers (that you approve) for showings. This means you’ll have a trusted agent with anyone that tours your home to ensure your privacy, safety, and security are intact.

3. In keeping with total privacy, you are not required to attend closing. Depending on the sale, you may be able to pre-sign, close remotely, or provide a power of attorney to allow your agent to complete the closing for you.

How Is My Home Marketed?

Your home is first sent to a private database of pre-approved buyers. If we’re able to make a match with a buyer, your property may require no further marketing. If we don’t make a match, we begin directly marketing the property to qualified buyers via private groups, targeted social media, and tailored google and youtube ads. Listing images and details are kept to a minimum and they are directed to the Latest Realty portal to verify their identity and pre-approval status. Statistics show that 30-40% of all homes sold were a direct result of online advertisements other than Zillow/MLS, with higher end homes at an even higher rate.

Why Is This Service Cheaper?

At Latest Realty, we are tired of seeing homeowners giving up tens of thousands of dollars for, often, subpar service, simply because they have a nicer home worth more money. We’ve made it our mission to save homeowners money while providing the highest level of privacy by excluding unnecessary services, memberships, and fees. 3D walkthroughs are not what sell your home. The MLS is not what sells your home. Zillow is not what sells your home. The Brokerage is not what sells your home. Not even the Agent is what sells your home. Your HOME is what sells your home and 9 times our of 10, a house that sells for $400,000 plus needs no help selling itself. We’ve developed a system to “market” your home while retaining your privacy, guide you through the process every step of the way, and still pay HALF of what other brokerages will charge.

What Is Title Insurance?

When a Title Company is performing a closing, they first review what’s called the chain of title. This is a history of deeds, open and closed mortgages, easements, liens, and judgments. They will assure that any associated costs are paid and that the person who is selling the property has the legal right and ability to transfer ownership to the new owner. In some instances, a seller may not be the legal owner or someone else may have a claim to the property. With Title Insurance, the Title Company Insures that the seller has the ability to transfer ownership to the buyer. If any claims or issues arise after closing, the insurance will pay any related costs to take care of the issues and make sure you have property Title and Deed.

What Is A Closing?

A Closing brings together the Buyer and Seller to sign all associated documents to transfer Title, Deed, and Ownership of the property. It also facilitates the transfer of the Purchase Funds and disbursement of the funds the Seller, Tax Authorities, and other 3rd parties, such as Mortgage Companies.